“Sean is an engaging, creative communicator. I have seen his words impact individuals and groups in remarkable ways. His insights on leadership and organizational management are powerful. Your people and your business will be changed for the better by involving Sean with your organization. I recommend him highly.”

Keith Weber, Owner, The Civicus Group

“Sean is one of those rare talents who can deliver both passionately charged stories and technically driven information. His life experiences fuel his content and provide a flavor and richness to his philosophies that most speakers/trainers simply cannot present. Hiring Sean Abbananto is always a good decision.”

Rhett Laubach, Professional Speaker, Leadership Expert, Presentations Coach, Author, Blogger, Curriculum Writer


"Sean was an inspiration to the large crowd at the Core Four Conference. As the keynote speaker he set the tone for a great day. Sean presented the “Releasing the Greatness within You” session and it was one you were glad you didn't miss. He made the room come alive with his personality and had everyone engaged and willing to participate. You could not help but walk away being encouraged when he spoke on the fact that “You Matter”. His presentation was one everyone could relate to. I would highly recommend Sean for any speaking engagement your company, team, school or group needs.”

Linda Streun, Human Resource Coordinator Ideal Homes of Norman, LP


“Sean is a master at creating the mindset necessary for success. When he speaks the crowd lights up with the amazing clarity that Sean brings to understanding the success oriented thought process. If you want to grow in your pure enjoyment of life hire Sean as a speaker, and better yet, as your coach!”

Rob Garibay, Licensed ActionCOACH Business Coach & Founding Partner and Leadership Coach at John Maxwell Group


“I have known Sean for twenty-eight years and consider him a close personal friend. His attitude and messages have impacted my life and how I approach business. His passion to live life and go after your dreams is contagious. Over these twenty-eight years I have seen a man embrace the process to grow into greatness, which is the meat of his message to us all. I have firsthand knowledge as Sean coached me through the season of the biggest business changes and challenges in my life. His encouragement to dream big and go for it and his ability to coach me in strategic planning was crucial in what has become a huge success. I highly recommend Sean as a keynote speaker, leadership trainer or life coach. Know this one thing; you and your team will never be the same.”

Howard Vanover, President Vanco Systems


“Sean's powerful presentations speak directly to your heart and guide you into action. His passion, enthusiasm and commitment are truly amazing. He confirms to his audience that they can do anything...if only they take that first step toward change. My favorite advice from Sean: "You've got to have three things: Love what you do, love who you do it with and love who you do it for." If something in that equation is missing in your life, act upon it and do something about it. Your heart will say thank you!”

Jan Astani, Speaker, Trainer, Writer