Embracing Accountability

Last time I talked with you about committing to a lifestyle change not just a season which was the first of the three steps I gave you to get started. This post I want to focus on the second of the three steps. It’s time to be accountable!


#2 Use your spouse, friend or a trainer to keep you accountable. Being accountable vastly increases your consistency and commitment!

Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a person on the planet that functions as well without accountability as they do with it, I’m just saying I don’t know of any. It is what it is and none of us are going to be on our game every moment of every day. That’s why you must shift your mindset and embrace accountability. 

Two things you have to have in order for your fitness and health goals to be reached are commitment and consistency. I know of no stronger power to keep you on track with those two things than accountability. If you are married did you know studies have shown that a high percentage of the time when one spouse starts to get in shape the other will join in? With that said your choice of accountability partner is crucial. You must choose someone that is going to be strong for you as you will be for them. If not than you end up enabling each other in not reaching your goals.

If you feel that you don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that will join you at the same level of commitment than you might look at hiring a trainer. Several of my clients when I was a trainer hired me because they knew if they were paying hard earned money for the session that they wouldn’t skip it. I can’t tell you how many times I heard a client say “I only made it today because I’m paying for it.” The other thing I’ll share is that they were always glad they did.

You can choose to try it on your own if you like but one of my favorite sayings is; “Your choices affect your chances” and I believe for you to have the greatest chance at being consistent in your commitment is to embrace accountability with a reliable partner.

I believe in you! Remember, You Matter and You are worth it!

Sean Abbananto