Embracing the Process

Last time I talked with you about just getting started and what your motivation was going to be. This time I want to focus on the first of the three steps I gave you.


 #1 Commit to a lifestyle change not just a season. Embrace the process of this adventure called LIFE!

As I stated last month the problem a lot of people have is their perception of what they are doing when they decide to (get into shape). Most people go into their decision with a mindset of it will take me this long to get where I want to be. The problem with that belief system is that where you want to be is not a certain size or weight but rather with a new mindset of I’m changing my lifestyle to not (get into shape) but rather to (get healthy). It will take this new mindset to keep you from the yo-yo affect and the roller coaster of emotions that go with starting and stopping and starting and stopping your health journey.

When I work with my clients to (get healthy) I focus on all four core areas of their life. Spiritual, Relational, Financial and Physical. The truth is, if any of these areas is lacking it will affect your mindset and your overall health. You have to truly commit to changing your mindset thus changing your life. My clients that are the most successful fully embrace the process of change and never look back. Looking back is not an option!

Let’s just face a hard fact right now. It’s not going to get any easier! Now I know you’re thinking “What? Way NOT to motivate me Sean!”. So hang in there and let me explain before you quit reading. Once you accept that it’s not going to get any easier and that becomes a part of your reality than the creativity & greatness inside of you will start to fight to get out and answer the excuses you have made for not getting healthy. Whether it’s no time, no money, no energy or whatever other no’s you have come up with; once you quit looking for an easy way you will find a way!

You must embrace the process of lifestyle change and truly commit to it. That’s the only way you will find the consistency that will lead you to where you truly want to be. Don’t you think it’s time once and for all to get healthy in every area of your life? Embrace the process! Go for it and NEVER LOOK BACK!

I believe in you! Remember, You Matter and You are worth it!

Sean Abbananto