What’s your motivation?

As our health plays an important role in our ability to live our dreams I wanted to share a series of guest blogs I wrote for my friend Michelle LeSueur.

Motivated Sean Abbananto

As a Speaker, Life Coach and owner of a nutritional supplements company I am always on the go and understand the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle. When I was first approached by my friend Michelle LeSueur to be a contributor to her newsletter I was excited to be a part of it because I know how passionate she is to see people healthy in all areas of their life.

This month I want to focus on just getting started and why it’s so hard to do so. As a former trainer I had a wide range of clients from the ones who couldn’t wait to get there to the ones who wanted to pay me for the session but go to Starbucks instead. I use to talk with them about their various motivations for getting in shape and creating a healthy lifestyle. What I discovered is that it is very difficult to become healthy and stay healthy unless you CHOOSE a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. The goal is not to lose weight or to be able to run a mile without stopping but to rather embrace the process of living a healthy life. The changes you want to see happen will be a byproduct of this choice.

I believe the reason people go back and forth with their workouts, eating and so forth is because they are committing to a season of change not a lifestyle change. This causes nothing but frustration and ultimately giving up and settling. So, here are a couple of things I want you to do to get yourself started, keep yourself going and embracing the process of a Healthy lifestyle.

#1 Commit to a lifestyle change not just a season. Embrace the process of this adventure called LIFE!

#2 Use your spouse, friend or a trainer to keep you accountable. Being accountable vastly increases your consistency and commitment!

#3 Fail forward and celebrate small victories. Nobody is perfect so focus on direction not perfection and celebrate the small victories along the way!

I believe in you! Remember, You Matter and You are worth it!

Sean Abbananto