Old dogs and new tricks

My dog Sasha and her chicken

My dog Sasha and her chicken

 It’s 8:45pm on Thursday night and as my family watches TV I’m in my office learning WordPress. Now don’t get me wrong I believe in having a balance in life so I ate dinner with the family and spent some time with them. But now I find myself back to that place that I have found myself so many times over the years. That crossroads where I decide to settle for less or embrace the process of change and growth. Next level time!

No one likes change but change will happen no matter whether you embrace it or run from it so choose to embrace it. That way you are in charge of your response verses your reaction to the challenges the change brings. Too many people continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results (my definition of insanity). Have you ever asked the question, “How did I get here AGAIN?” We all have so it’s time to embrace change and see where it takes us.

One thing I have done that has helped me is I have adopted a Discovery Mindset. A Discovery Mindset keeps you focused on the adventure of life verses the challenges you encounter along the way. I set out on my days journey knowing I will discover things about myself so I look for them. This way you are chasing the change before it is chasing you.


Keep one thing in mind and that is Greatness is inside of you whether you know it or not. So embrace the process of change and you will grow into it just as every great person has. Don’t look now but I think it’s time for a new trick!